Welcome to Florida Alpaca Ranching

The Florida Alpaca and Breeders Association is a group of alpaca owners, breeders, and enthusiasts who have come together as a regional affiliate organization of the international Alpaca Owners Association.

Our goals are to raise public awareness of alpacas and their luxurious natural fiber. Share knowledge and resources, plan and organize alpaca events, represent the interests of Florida alpaca owners as an affiliate organization of Alpaca Owners Association, and have fun!

As alpaca owners, we understand the unique requirements of raising both Huacaya's and Suri's in Florida. We are dedicated to educating new breeders and alpaca enthusiasts in the alpaca husbandry and in promoting the alpaca industry in Florida. With some simple adaptations, alpaca herds can thrive here in Florida, creating a successful investment and rewarding lifestyle.

If you're interested in alpacas, or in becoming involved in raising them or working with their fiber, FABA and its member farms can provide you with information, resources, and a community of like-minded people to work with.

Please browse our site for more information on alpacas, investment opportunities, the alpaca lifestyle, alpacas for sale, farms near you, upcoming events, and lots more about alpacas!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Or contact an alpaca farm near you and well be happy to help!

FABA Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Alpaca Breeders Association is to provide its members with the tools they need to succeed in their alpaca endeavors, to support public awareness of the alpaca industry and to promote integrity and ethics within the alpaca community.

FABA Vision

The vision of the Florida Alpaca Breeders Association is to be a regional resource for expertise and mentorship in every aspect of the alpaca industry through camaraderie and teamwork.

FABA Values

Leadership - Encourage an environment for creativity and positive change.

Integrity - Maintain a high standard of ethics in all our endeavors.

Stewardship - Ensure responsible and accountable planning and management of resources.

Honesty - Inspire trust through open and sincere interactions.

Commitment - Mentor and educate our fellow alpaca owners and enthusiasts

Respect - Exhibit respect for the community, our members, and our alpaca charges.

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There's no better way to enjoy your Florida Alpaca journey than by being part of the Florida Alpaca Breeder's Association. We'll introduce you to the best resources and support you grow a successful alpaca farm.